Tumbledown Town

Tumbledown Town, written and performed in part by veteran singer/songwriter/musician Dan Hazlett, is a light-hearted, two-act musical comedy appropriate for the entire family. With a cast of only four players taking on ten roles, this unique and highly entertaining musical focuses on the fascinatingly zany yet intriguing events that surround the residents of Tumbledown. Presented in a format similar to the radio shows of yesteryear, it is a small-town love story full of intrigue and innuendo, tragedy and comedy, corporate espionage and spying, along with a dose of murder and mayhem. The denizens of Tumbledown, a small Midwestern town with only one blinking light, are growing concerned about the rumors swirling around their little community. Is there a crazed killer running loose among the locals? Are some residents planning to pull up stakes and leave town? Who has a secret stash of money, and more importantly, where did it come from? Will Tumbledown Town as they know it cease to exist? Find out the surprising answers when you attend a performance of Tumbledown Town!

Because of its family-friendly nature and stripped down presentation using no sets and limited props, Tumbledown Town can be performed in a variety of settings including traditional music venues, libraries, churches, civic centers, or community/dinner theaters. It’s like an opera with folk songs. No, it’s actually more like a whole new genre — folkra!

Visit the Video page to see performances of select Tumbledown Town songs.

To bring this top quality entertainment to your location, please contact:

Dan Hazlett at HomeSTMusic@aol.com, or Susie Keat, SQD Arts Management, susie@sqdmanagement.com, 734-883-1450.

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