My Dear and Fondest Friends,
It’s been a brief but distant time since I’ve shared the long and short of things with you.  Time has dragged on and flown by like a sparrow with a wheelbarrow.  Many great and tiny events have happened, are happening or, presumably, will happen in the past near future in and around my current and projected surroundings or elsewhere as the case may be.
It’s now 2012 and some say that augurs the end of the world, while others point to it as an election year.  Some might venture the opinion that it’s pretty much a six pack of one and a half dozen lagers of the other.  In any case or two I have many things for which I am entirely and humbly thankful for.  And for each of you I and grateful every day.
As you know, I had the incredible honor of serving on the staff at Lamb’s Retreat for Songwriters this past November and it was an enormously satisfying and thrilling experience being surrounded by astounding songwriters.
My play, Tumbledown Town has continued to thrive, recently performing in Northwest Ohio and up in the Thumb of good old Michigan. 
I’ve had the joyful experience of being a sideman trumpet player in Joel Palmer’s Doctor Swing band on several occasions with more in the works.  It’s a revolving group of musicians including the talented Annie Capps, the lovely Rod Capps, and the charming Jeff Royer.
A song I wrote was a semi-finalist in the Great Lakes Songwriting Contest, which puts it in the top 6{82c86847291622b3290316752159506b9710d2ec509d6411916d3fa79bfb7655} of entries for this year. 
I finalized a recording project which I produced for Tom Saunders called “Moonlight Becomes You”, which was his 20th anniversary gift to his lovely wife Terry.
I’m currently producing recording projects for Judy Insley, John Rinn and Joel Palmer.
I’ve assembled an incredible line-up of fantastic musicians who add their beautiful talents to my own upcoming CD.  It will mark my 9th full length release.  Although some people seem to think I am constantly releasing CDs, the truth is this will be my first fully produced studio CD since 2004.  That’s a long time between projects but I think you’ll agree it was worth the wait.  I’m convinced this is by far the best thing I’ve done and I’m going to be proud of it after we’re done with the spit and polish.  The gifted guests are doing the polishing.  I’ll be featured on the spitting. So keep your ears open and you’ll be hearing the final project soon, I promise you.
In June I’ll be traveling to Dodgeville, Wisconsin (near Madison)  to staff the Madison Songwriters Guild Retreat for Songwriters.  It’s a weekend Retreat at the beautiful BETHEL HORIZONS RETREAT CENTER
and all attention will be focused on the moment of grace we call songwriting.  For anyone with an interest in writing songs at any level, I intend to offer an inspiring and interactive program that includes time to perform, write, share and intimately experience each others work.  Significant discounts are currently available.  To register you may contact me directly or contact Rich Bauman at 608-241-2615 or
In late July and early August I’ll be teaming up with the incredibly talented writers Whit Hill and Erin Zindle under the direction of Dick Siegel to teach songwriting to a select group of talented High School students at
the INTERLOCHEN ARTS ACADEMY .  I am so honored to be asked to be a part of this program and my intention is to help provide a great learning moment in the lives of these very talented young people.
I’ll also be headed back to Madison Wisconsin in September to perform at the Brink Lounge for the Mad Toast Live concert series.  The show is recorded and posted as a full hour video podcast so please tune in for that.  It’s a moment to which I am forward looking with anticipation joyful.  Am I why backwards talking?