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From this page you can download publicity photos, Dan’s one sheet, concert posters, and press release templates. Scroll down to see many notable press quotes from various reputable sources. If you haven’t already, you can sample Dan’s music from the player on the left. For further information or to inquire about booking Dan for a concert or interview, please email or call 248-674-4610.


Dan Hazlett 8.5 X 11 Concert Poster

Dan Hazlett 11 x 17 Concert Poster

Dan Hazlett One Sheet

Notable Quotables

“The production is very nice and your playing is beautiful. The songs are all very strong too. . . gorgeous poetic images and a way of getting at something very difficult to describe.” Steve Gillette- Singer/Songwriter

“As I listened to Dan Hazlett’s new CD, Water Over Stone, one thought kept popping up: Is there anything this man can’t make into a song? And I don’t think there is! Hazlett writes about a little bit of everything, from carpet stains to schizophrenia. The result is a CD everyone can enjoy and relate to . . . a combination of folky rock, jazz, and the kind of music that makes you smile, laugh, and sing along. Dan’s unique vocal styling is paired with excellent guitar playing and thoughtful lyrics. Each song is a story that unfolds and takes you along for a fun ride. His guitar skills added a great dimension to the original, imaginative lyrics, coming together into a complete package of musicality.” Andrea Hill – Singer Magazine

“Dan’s performances at Nor-East’r Music Fest were met with full (almost capacity) crowds that came to see his unique guitar style, excellent songwriting and outstanding performances. His Songwriting Workshop was highly attended by new potential songwriters, AND professional songwriters that see Dan as an expert in this area.

Dan has a way of keeping his audience in the palm of his hand-sometimes the quirkiest jokes get the largest laugh during his shows. His performance of “She Will Have a Home”, one of Dan’s many originals includes a wonderful sing along and many feel very at ease in singing along as this performer invites the audience to become part of the show. . .

. . .he’s a wonderful human being and you feel that commitment to excellence in his songs and performance. He just has a very very warm feel you get from attending a Dan Hazlett performance-he was a very huge hit at our venue.

This is one of our favorite performers. We love his songs, we love his guitar playing, we love his performance. He’s a great man and we are grateful to have his support in our fundraising efforts as well as performing in our festival.” –Craig Carrick / Nor-East’r Music & Arts Festival

“Dan Hazlett’s Family Album is a wonderful mix of solid songwriting, soulful singing, and nimble guitar work. I wonder how a new dad finds the time. . . Dan certainly has, and with style and grace.”
David RothSinger/Songwriter

“Dan is an excellent songwriter and performer – especially interactive with the audience. Highly recommended”
Dennis Kingsbury / Live at the Living Room Concert Series

“A superlative songwriter and guitarist, Dan Hazlett knows the ways and means of life and is a witness to the daily joys and challenges of being a stay at home daddy. Dan writes his heart’s stories, weaving them into a lyric web of beauty, courage, childhood memories, old automobiles and family trees.

Dan’s guitar technique and his singular gift for lyrics shine in “Water Over Stone”. Be sure to listen to “When The Pale Moon Shines” because it’s a stellar example of Dan’s extraordinary songwriting. Lightness and beauty of melody illuminate his pure, lyrical expression like moonlight on a desert mesa. Stunning!” – Maggie Ferguson – The Old Front Porch Radio Show, WXOU – Auburn Hills

“I enjoyed your CD . . it’s heartfelt and beautiful.” -David Massengill, singer/songwriter

Recently, I had a chance to see a truly great singer/songwriter. Dan lived up to all the positive things I had heard and read. Hazlett’s passion for his music is obvious. His humor and laid-back cheerful demeanor make that passion infectious. One of the marks of a great folk artist is the ability to tune into every day situations and characters, seeing them for everything they are and could be. He finds much of his inspiration from his family, working his lyrical magic on father/son relationships, his daughter’s toys and other family matters. I would like to recommend Dan’s music to anyone who appreciates honest and witty songwriting. – John The Procrastinator / Jam Rag

“His lyrics are infused with insight . . . enhanced by his mastery of guitar accompaniment. We were very happy that Dan made the long journey to play for us in Lake Winona.!” John Nyman- Winona Folk Concerts

“A slice-of-life singer/songwriter collection, with a strong sense of how to put words together to tug at the heart. Dan’s acoustic guitar-heavy sound finds the place where the listener keeps the photos in their head, and gets out a very large lasso . . .Dan’s vocals are soft and stuffy, like warm socks on a cold evening.” – Robert Barry Francos / Shredding Paper

“I must confess, I really enjoy your music, it has a very jazzy touch giving a soft and delightful flavour to your beautiful and clever songs. The voice is always pertinent to the climate as well the arrangements are nicely sparse and different but above all I find you have a very interesting guitar style, it is complex but at the same time it does not seem just a slave of a mere and cold virtuosity: this surely makes your music richer and sometimes reminds me of the best James Taylor, although the jazz feel surely brings a certain degree of personality.” – Massimo Ferro / Radio Voce Spazio “HIghway 61” and “Un Mondo Di Musica”

“Hazlett’s dedication as worker, musician, and father have always shone through with each gentle acoustic guitar note struck and each soulful lyric sung. His dedication has won him acclaim from the American and Canadian folk music community. . .Hazlett clearly serves as a modern folk artist, serving as community activist, while concisely presenting his introspective musings.” -Stephen Cramer, All Music Guide