Home Street Studio

Record your next album with Dan Hazlett

The mission of Home Street Studio is to provide a comfortable recording experience for folks with a moderate budget, in a charming and relaxed environment. As a producer, Dan specializes in gently helping to realize the vision of the artist, especially those who are somewhat new to the recording process.

As a studio musician, Dan will be happy to play guitar, harmonica, and trumpet on your project. Dan is also available to perform on your projects recorded elsewhere and can provide tracks over the internet. Home Street Studio offers a mix of new and old fashioned technology, with both analog and digital formats available for a warm and welcoming sound.

Home Street Studio was founded in 1989 by Dan Hazlett when he owned property in Pontiac, Michigan on a little street poetically named Home Street. The studio was moved to Waterford, Michigan in 1999 where it’s located to this day. It was Dan’s idea to record not only his own work, but to help other local artists record their music as well.

“In these days of inexpensive recording devices it’s easy to believe that anyone can record music anywhere anytime but my recent experience recording with Home Street Music has shown me the benefits that come by working with Dan Hazlett – not just for his recording and mixing skill and experience – but for many other things including: extracting the best studio performance, providing studio musicians, production suggestions, guidance for mastering and replication and many more. Dan’s encouragement, knowledge and experience have been pivotal in the completion of my recording.” – Alan Sturt

“Dan has a fantastic ear. He would capture my ideas and create musical backgrounds that exceeded my expectations. Someone like myself, a novice at songwriting and performing, couldn’t possibly have made such an album without Dan’s expertise at the helm. It was invaluable.” – Lyn Sawicki

“Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how grateful I am for the work you did on my song yesterday. It sounds great and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your patience and persistence in getting it done right. Many thanks!” – Mark Skyzinski

Some of Dan’s Past Clients:

Judy Insley
Bob Marshall
Lyn Sawicki
Foxfire (Maggie Ferguson and Denise Marie Stein)
Michael Krieger
Annie and Rod Capps
Joel Palmer
Jere Stormer
Art Cameron
Alan Sturt
Eric and Polly Rapp
Dan House and Laurie Grajewski
Robin Moore and the NorthStars
The Euphorians

For more information, rates and availability contact Dan at: homestmusic@aol.com or call 248-804-8023

“Dan is a warm and patient producer who always seemed to coax the best possible performance out of me. His thoughtful arrangements for my songs were nothing short of brilliant…and I still get compliments from people about how good the acoustic guitars sound on my CD!” – Judy Insley, Singer-Songwriter/Contemporary Acoustic Music

“I have a TON of people to thank for this release. Most notably would be Dan Hazlett who mentored me though the process as friend, Producer and Engineer. If you are looking for a quality studio for your projects you can’t do better than Dan’s Home ST Studio’s.” – Bob Marshall

“Dan Hazlett’s hopeful and insightful lyrics became the title song for my new CD. He also engineered and co-produced the recording, sat in on the mastering, and generally worked his ears to the bone to make sure it was the best it could possibly be.” – Judy Insley