Oh my dear Compatriots, Companions, Cominglers,


I hope you’re enjoying the new year and have been happily living up to all those dreaded new years resolutions.

Here are some of mine:


To grow younger

Since I have reached such an advanced age I thought it would be prudent to resolve to begin growing younger.  However, this may prove a difficult task since, according to my family, I am already guilty of acting pretty childish.  But if I can take this regression thing far enough I’m hoping to end up as a gleam in someone’s eye.  Nice way to go out.


Have some work done

I’ve also been thinking it would be a good idea for me to have a personality transplant since, according to expert sources, mine seems to be malfunctioning.  The hard part will be finding someone who won’t mind donating theirs.  Maybe someone like Donald Trump or Larry King since they don’t seem to be using theirs much anyway.


Consider a surgical remedy

A third resolution is, I might get a smartalec-ectomy.  Just have all my foolhardy actions removed.  If you can, imagine me as someone who never makes all those rash statements before engaging my brain.  Hard to visualize, eh?


Anyway, these are some of my current goals.  I hope yours are more useful




Looking back, it’s been a year of exciting events, big blessings, and some heartbreaking losses, but all in all I’ve got a lot to be thankful for.


  • In October we celebrated the release of my latest CD, “The Corner of My Eye” with a CD release party at Stonehouse Concerts.  The CD is being very well received and can be purchased directly from my website here:  https://www.danhazlett.com/?page_id=6

Here’s what some folks have said about the CD


“The cd is chalk full of happy surprises.  Like all cd’s I have my favorites (Alchemy of Fish in particular) but mostly I’m content to say that from cover to cover, this is the work of someone who continues to reach, continues to grow, continues to tell the truth as he sees it, in ways that continue to delight.”


David Barrett, Composer/Songwriter – “One Shining Moment”


“Armed with unbounded imagination and charm to match, Dan Hazlett’s songs are unforgettable adventures into the secret lives of his characters.  Dan’s unique and brilliant fingerstyle guitar frames his songs perfectly, while his warm, textured voice caresses each note.  A songwriter’s songwriter, Dan Hazlett shares his experience and knowledge of human nature through his lively and heartfelt music.”  


Maggie Ferguson, Folk DJ on The Old Front Porch Radio Show, WXOU – Auburn Hills and Concert Series Presenter


“Really enjoyed listening to your CD all last week.  Excellent work!  You’ve made an entertaining album experience from first track to the last. 


John D. Lamb – Director Springfed Arts / Lamb’s Retreat for Songwriters


  • I continued to perform as a sideman in Joel Palmer’s blustery little group “Dr. Swing”  and that has been a really joyful experience in which I’ve gotten to swing with some of my favorite musicians including Annie and Rod Capps, Jeff Royer and Ron Ellman.  http://joelpalmermusic.com/ 


  • My play, “TumbledownTown” enjoyed a couple of performances in very beautiful venues for quite appreciative audiences.


  • In June I traveled to Dodgeville, WIwhere I staffed the annual Madison Songwriters Guild Songwriters Retreat.  I’ll be returning on staff this spring in April to this gorgeous location for a weekend Retreat.  http://madisonsongwriters.com/?page_id=5


  • In July and August I was an instructor at the Interlochen Arts Academy  Summer Camp as part of Dick Siegel’s Singer/Songwriter Camp program along with the amazing Erin Zindle and Whit Hill.  I’ve been asked to join Dick again this summer, this time for two consecutive camp sessions, which means I’ll be gone for four weeks.  http://camp.interlochen.org/program/music/hs/singer-songwriter


  • I had some fine tour dates in Illinoisand Wisconsinthroughout the summer and fall that included a one hour performance for the excellent podcast called Mad Toast Live hosted by Chris Wagoner and Mary Gaines.  The show is videod and posted as a podcast and can be viewed in it’s entirety here: http://www.madtoastlive.com/latest/2012/9/18/episode-258-dan-hazlett.html


  • The very sad news is that we lost a dear friend and musical partner, Rick Shelley at the end of August.  Rick was an astoundingly talented singer/songwriter, a gifted history teacher and a truly beautiful soul.  His band-mate and former student, Sameer Barua organized a massive memorial concert at Rick’s High School and the video can be seen here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSaUC7ym0Mo                                                                                                                    One of the last things Rick recorded were some amazing vocal tracks for my latest CD.  I could not have known it would be the last time we’d make music together.  I will always be grateful for that moment of grace.